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Friday, April 30, 2010

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ORGANIC LIVES in our Olympic Village of Vancouver!

Within the fetchingly fair Olympic Village of sunny Vancouver, lives an organic, vegan, living foods community; conscious, curious and uncustomarily accustoming new visitors to a wholesome new way of dining, living, and beautifully being. Be sure and check out http://www.organiclives.org/ or simply dine in or take-out from a delicious array of orgasmically divine dishes; prepared with love and human kindness.

Caesar Salad to salivate over ... No wonder I have waited a wholesome 20 years to try on a brand new consciousness-raising crouton - consisting of ground un-pastuerized almonds from Spain, rawsomely fresh romaine lettuce and Himalayan pine seed herb-infused dressing. Delectably drizzling my teased and tempestuous tastebuds; made rawsomely whole and heavenly happy.

Sushi Nori Rolls to raw'k ... Hand-rolled delights of delicious divinity. Hy-dried seaweed filled with magical minerals to balance hormones and keep your thyroidal thermostat beautifully aligned. Pecan paste purely and preciously pressed against a magical medley of gorgeous green veggies and the smoothest flesh of vine-ripened avocado that you will ever wondrously wish to blessedly know. The no-soy sauce is not a secret, yet to savor is to share ... So see you there!

Tortilla Soup to serenely sip ... A heaping bowl of happiness to blow your senses - literally! As your nose runs for joy and hungry lips seek more of the magic that hot peppers can purely and perfectly bring unto blissful being, sate yourself with a most flavorful and beyond filling serving of complete sensory satisfaction.

'Real cashew' chocolate cream cheese-cake to make luscios love to ... Annointed with the entixing elixer of ripest red raspberry coulis to completely complement a conscious meal ; made of mouth-watering magic and the highest vibrational frequency, earthly intentions of superstar proportions could ever divinely dream of ...

Merely a few of the bold and beautiful bites I have been so blessed to brazenly bite into ... upon this enchanted eve of a soon to be wondrously waning full moon. Set within the wonderment of our fair Olympic Village, an epic pedigree of Orgasmically Organic Olympian proportions!!!!


Merely the foreplay ... until our next visit, where I shall continue to perfectly please your precious palate with wondrously wicked writings of deepest, darkest, richest, raw chocolate; sweetened with agave, and filled with the fuel-packed fibre of protein-laden freshly harvested Manitoba Harvest Hemp. As in LIVING tHEMPle - handsomely handcrafted vegan chocolate bars to live and love for!


Can hardly and humbly wait for you to view more appetizing visual stimuli, captured by magical me; such as the above plate of fabulous healing foods - http://www.3rdeyefoto.com/ - once the all-supporting universe brings in my perfect match of a Goddess-sent graphic designer for my soon to be perfected photographic web site set high ...


Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot 'n Spicy September with Kats Hot Flax Crax

                         105 Degrees Of Deliciousness - Kats Hot Flax Crax

                                1 Rawsome Un-Cooked Improviserio

                              Rawstruck Room for Gorgeous Growth

                                        The Power To Create




                                   Willingness To Go Wild!

I shall be turning 50 years young, this January 5th! At 49 years fit and fantastic, I am more than willing and ready to admit that I am a hotter than hot-house tomato, still in ever-ripening transition. 

Thus, allow me and mine supernatural powers extraordinaire to ignite your natural sense of self; allowing you to find the freedom to express your most inner being. Letting go of societal expectations and self-inflicted limitations. Merely to magically un-cover and divinely discover the spicy sweetheart you have been waiting to boldly and bravely bring out of hiding!

Here glows ...

                                     Purposeful  Preparation

                 ( Preferably garden fresh, local, organic and orgasmic ) 

                                      Heirloom Tomatoes

                                      Red Spanish Onion

                            Bunch Of Gorgeous Green Cilantro

                                       Jalapeno Pepper 


                                  Crunchy Celery Stalks

                                       Garlic Cloves

                                     Cardamon Seeds

 Chop, slice, dice and delectably deliver an intensely desirable array of healing rainbow colors of vegetables, herbs and spices ( maybe cumin or curry ... ) into a very large vessel worthy of fermenting your ingenius and most consciousness-raising mixture, for a discerning day, taste-tempting two, thought-provoking three or ....

Fold in ground golden flax seeds from Manitoba, mixed with clean, pure alkaline water. Preferably at least one generous 454 gram bagful of Goddess-blessed goodness, thoroughly saturated and beautifully hand-blended.

You are going to need ample counter space and a very large mixing bowl to create your magical potion. And, a folded dish towel or heavy cheesecloth to cover and protect one pure and precious creation.

After your amount of desired days ... for maximum acidopholus/bifidus creating fermentation, start dolloping out large ladles of lusciousness onto a teflon dehydrator sheet. Cover with brown un-waxed paper or prepare for more cleanup, later ....

You are gonna want to taste these tender morsels as they slowly un-cook in their own calming caldron of un-cooked 105 degree heaven. My son and I rarely see a Kat's Hot Flax Crax make it to desired 'time' quota. We enjoy far too much ... taste-testing tender 'burgers' of natures own bounty, wrapping our moist and wickedly tasty wonders in hy-dried nori sheets and filling with chunks of lemon and himalayan crystal drizzled avocado. For a real glow, just go .... do it. We are!

Please enjoy these very recent pics taken at our very calming oasis of a home. Be sure and bite into this week's videotape of my homeschooling son, Kaelin; flattening out fermented flax ...

 www.youtube.com/rawsomechef or possibly www.youtube.com/lifeofagreatmommmy. 

Who am I to know everything? The universe sets my peaceful pace ... I simply up-load, invite, entice... and share everything raw-inspiring, naturally nice, and filled with spankingly sexy spice!

With Highest and Hottest Intentions,










Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Xmas 2008 from Me and My MonaVie!

Vancouver's first snowfall of the sumptuous season. I am all too ready to bravely enter our snowy winter wonderland, after shooting my mouth-watering morning 2 oz of this 'one and only' delicious non-alcoholic acai berry superfood beverage. Enzymatically active, phytonutrient-rich, naturally sweetened with 18 other exotic fruits, and filling the imbiber with a magical myriad of sun-energized ingredients that only a Goddess-sent gift such as this could offer.

Give yourself, your clients, friends, and loved ones the most pleasant present worth opening .... Over and over, again!

MonaVie Active is the "hot off the pure and precious press'" drink that offers you a natural high. No bubbles, bloating, or helpless hangover. You are in control of your health, healing and happiness; as you enter into a new and delectable dimension, not to mention; highest intentions for your brave New Year. This advanced formula of plant- derived glucosamine is full of beautifying benefits. Get rid of joint pains and aches. Fill up on fiber-filled sterols, resveratrol, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Clear your arteries, clean up your skin, and reverse aging - the rawstruck way. What else could be better?

I have 11 cases of MonaVie Active - 4 bottles per case. Call me and let's set up a private or group demo/tasting just for you and yours. I shall gladly be presenting the perfect present at your upcoming holiday gathering. Go for it!

May your stockings be as full as mine!


Vancouver based Distributor for MonaVie (http://www.monavie.com/)


ph: 604-266-LIVE ( 5483)
cell: 778=668-8974

P.S. Now available: $49.00 per beautiful bottle. Or by the consciousness-raising case.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rawsome Thanksgiving at Radha Yoga Eatery

As I danced up the narrow brick stairwell to Radha Yoga Eatery on Main Street, where the old Puccini's used to be, when I was young and 'cooked', I knew I was in for the terrific turkey-less treat of a luscious lifeline!

Sexy music blasting and hot high heel booted babe of a waitress serving up beers for a table of German meat eaters. Full bar ready to go and all I saw was the raw menu and a yoga space I am revved to rent for my upcoming end of November PUTTING The SEXY INTO SPAGHETTI workshop.

I sit here, stuffed and satiated, after bringing home a doggie bag, overflowing with rawstruck gifts for my sleeping son, soon awake and sharing with his yummiest Mommy. As if I haven't had my Lioness' share, already. Yet, again, I know you can't get fat on Raw, so let's do it ...

We start with the freshest organic, assorted salad of local greens, including my favorite; arugula, along with sliced red beets, slivered almonds and sun-dried pumpkin seeds. Drizzled with divinely delicious lemon and honey dressing, to un-dress for!

Next, I heartily dig into the most consciousness-raising creation of a creamy, dreamy, veggie lasagna, filled with the smoothest hemp configuration, a hungry mouth could water over ... Oh, and the cashew cheese was beyond appetizing. No fat in that raw dairy, baby.

Since the house-specialty of sinfully sumptuous nori rolls takes a while, my appetizer was served, soon after my richly layered lasagna. Wow! I am coming back just for a full force feed of THE BEST RAWK'N SUSHI I have ever tasted! Quite liberally liberated with the rawstruck addition of Braggs Amino's and a teaser to catch between your teeth; of sesame seeds soaked in the sweetest, succulent substitute for soy sauce, every chinese food restaurant and SAD eater, should run to Rawsome Momma about!

Alright, you are literally aching to taste the melt in my heart living chocolate cake, bursting at the center with strawberry fields forever .... Need I mention the sexiest sliced wide-open figs? Looking up at me, with tenderness. Inviting. Exciting. Delighting my every sensory awakening. Opening up to a whole new RAWSOME REASON TO GIVE THANKS!!!!

Katherine Marion

P.S. Please enjoy this gift from Chef Robert at Radha: Recipe For Radha Raw Nori Rolls - worth rolling over and over for!

P.P.S. Can't wait to hear from you and yours ... Let me know your interest on my end of November party of the purest and most pleasurable reason to eat raw!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

February Is For Zughetti And Snowballs Served With Love!

With freezing temperatures and frozen mud puddles, a raw fooder has to think some mighty warm thoughts to stay fuelled and invigorated. How do we do it, you may ask? Plenty of purifying hot showers and brave, healthy hearts swelling to the brim. Imaginations growing and loving energies flowing!

When we trust our instincts we bust out of the confines of conformity and do what is naturally and ultimately right, for ourselves and everyone else in our new and yummier universe. Allowing our souls desires to set sail on a sea of crystalline visualizations and sparkling wave of the highest intentions. All is real in a new and rawsome reality.

Set against a luminous background of wondrous white, a clear glass bowl highlights a succulent serving of savoury wheat and gluten free spaghetti, uncooked and soaking in its own naturally spicy juices. Enzymes intact and bursting with the fresh, ripe flavors of a world re-invented and ultimately, so invigoratingly inviting ...

A visit on Valentines Day to Eternal Abundance for a never big enough slice of the most tantalizing raw chocolate pie. A tasty treat to bring home for later, as I sit, dressed and dolled up, at my teak table, lit by candlelight, in a room filled with an appetite for all that is whole and happy. Melt in your mouth goodness is all any Goddess could ever wish for.

Nearing the end of the mouthwatering month, I wander inside, towards the warmth of a conscious community; attending my first raw potluck at East West Yoga. Sharing a magical meal with a couple of dozen yoga diva's and divinely rawk'n gods, devouring the finest and freshest a rawstruck world has to so generously offer. Bliss cake blessed with coconut and lovingly prepared by Roxanne ( www.raw meet-up.com ). Smiles and sunshine sumptuously served up on a most refreshing winters afternoon.

Blissed out and looking inside for all questions easily answered. The truth never lies. Only awaits ...

Rawsomely Returning,

Friday, February 1, 2008

January Is For Getting Juiced, Jicama, And Jumping For Joy!

To make the beginning of a happy new year ... even happier, talented writer David Orth, kindly sent me a gift of his latest sure to be - bestseller, recently co-authored, with sweetheart supermodel, Carol Alt - Raw 50. Unfortunately, other than missing the opportunity to contribute to his beautiful recipe book, upon his aforementioned request, I was thoughtfully mentioned in the acknowledgement pages, and anticipate possibly working together, in the flavourul future. In the not so meantime, we have been sampling many a rawk'n recipe, created by famous chef's all over North America.Tomorrow, we bite into Raw Pizza with a ground flax seed, soaked almond crust. Topped with sun-dried tomato, macadamia and pine nut cheese, and simple olive tapenade. Even after all these years of living life the only way - RAW - I am constantly, consistently and consciously learning!

On the 5th day of January, I celebrated my 48th birthday at Eternal Abundance, on Commercial Drive. A very clean,affordable local, organic produce market and raw food bar, devoted to the delicious, low-salt, low fat, un-cooking of Dr. Gabriel Cousens.Our favourite item on the menu, so far? The Zghetti with Neat Balls.Of course, and right on course, it would go without saying, if I I hadn't decided to do just that ...is the chocolate fudge, melt in my mouth, so creamy, cake, with a cherry, coconut, sunflower seed crust, was to LIVE for!

Around mid-month, I decided to become really intimate with Jicama, after our delightful friend, Chef Eric Rivkin, turned on our rooted appetites, during his stay at our home, a few mouthwatering months ago. Other than painstakingly peeling, my 11 year old son, has mastered the art of placing the sweetest crunch of a rawsome root vegetable, into our spirooli and going wild! Last night, he served up vegetable spaghetti, on TV, literally. Not, too mention the laundry door and a couple of freshly decorated walls.Long, flowing, 15 ft sweet strands of earthy goodness.. Good thing, we were sampling, before the tastiest, chopped tomato and kalamata olives, dressed so divinely, in oregano, went on top!

Now, as I sip herbal tea, infused with licorice and unapologetically, slurped with a spoonful of creamy, Chilliwack honey, I wonder what shall next month, so fabulously bring forth ...? Some sumptuous details, I do know, are that we are going to take over this weekend's Wellness Show, under The Five Sails Convention Centre, at the resplendent Pan Pacific Hotel. Divinely delivering, into the hottest hands, the coolest colour flyers - Take A Big Bite Out Of Life - and hanging a couple of Rawstruck posters of me biting into the juiciest Costen cherry tomato's, at a trendy health food store, my intention is to simply keep up appearances. Hosting workshops and private conscious consultations. Appearing on an upcoming segment of a very popular television show, as willing accomplice to raising consciousness, through the beyond passing fad of fine, flavorful un-cooking. Marketing and selling my amazing Spirroli's. Putting a passionate plan together for my September visit to Sedona, and continuing to match up my happiest heart with other of the sane like-mindfulness and whole-hearted soul self.

My Raw Truth,

Katherine Marion